Retail Services – Painting, Re-Imaging, Coatings, Floor Coatings

Who is Benise-Dowling?

We are a National/Regional provider of Painting, Re-Imaging,  Coatings,  Floor Coatings and related services. We have been in business for 34 years and Listed as a TOP 600 National Contractor.

  • Repetition – National Multiple Site solutions that bring a 10% cost reduction that is passed on to our clients.
  • Safety First Approach – Recognized as one of country’s safest paint contractors with a modification rate of 0.71, which is passed on to our clients.
  • Dedicated Work Teams – Self Performing, dedicated to your facility, guarantees a 10% cost reduction.
  • Quality Reputation – Our reputation for quality is based on the ability to add value to our clients facilities.
  • Partner You Can Count On – Done right, the first time – Everytime.
  • Core Competencies –  Scheduled Maintenance…Store Re-models . . .  Re-Imaging . . . Re-Freshes . . .  Re-Paints

Why Choose Benise-Dowling?

Proper Planning

      • Projects planned in detail working with designated B-D project manager.
      • Customer continuously updated on progress.
      • One point of contact start to finish.

Continuous Improvement

      • Everyone on a B-D team is focused on finding a better way to improve cost, life cycle and customer convenience.

On Time/On Budget

      • Top quality work completed as planned within designated time and budget everytime.

Consistent & Competitive National Pricing

      • Set unit pricing that does not fluctuate from market to market.
      • National account economy of scale purchasing benefits that are passed on to the customer.

Customer Flexibility

      • Flexible to fit your business needs.

Extended Life Cycle

      • Research the best quality products for each application with our vendors- enables applications that not only save labor dollars but also extend the overall life cycle of these applications. Making Benise-Dowling the best value.

Real Warranty

      • Standard – One year warranty, a real warranty that we afford making right everytime. Extended warranties available thru Sherwin-Williams or Glidden paints.

Large Insurance Coverage

      • Take risk management seriously –  $10M in general liability coverage.

Phantom Painter

      • Our ultimate goal is for your stores to be re-freshed without any interruption to normal operations.



Interior/Exterior Painting
Electrostatic Coating
Parking Lot Seal & Striping Floor Coatings Sealants/Caulkings
Pressure Washing Mold Remediation Wall Covering
ACT Replacement Lead Abatement Dry Wall Repair


Contact: Terry Doyle to find out how we can help you have “The Best … by Choice
Manager – Business Development
Cell: 770 361 2993